Saturday, January 8, 2011 fat...*drool*

So unless you have been living under a rock...or in greenleaf, I'm sure you have heard of a little place called "Boise Fry Company" in....guess where? BOISE! I had heard allot about them and decided to check them out with the wife and kid.

             Boise Fry Company is almost what i would call "a perfect image of what local business should be" .
Local potatoes (mostly), local beef and bison, and local...everything else. There single location on Broadway is a simple tribute to there style: Simple and effective. All fries come unsalted and un-tainted with the exception of the one that stole my heart and stomach..lovingly called "the bourgeois". Idaho russet potatoes, fresh cut, and flash fried fat. Yea I'm fat. For those not experienced with the flavor duck fat brings to the me, its orgasmic. But are they done? NO! the top these french fried little bastards in TRUFFLE SALT!

I need a moment.

OK. Now this is the first time i have ever paid $8 for an order of fries...but holy hell. Soft pillowy inside, crispy golden outside, with sea salt, black truffle, and duck fat dancing on my mouthgasm. But that's only half the show.

   There burgers are not just burgers...there a religious experience. I ordered the bison cheese and bacon ($8.49). For those of you who prefer beef (why, i dont know), they have Local beef burgers too. The wife and kid got the Beef and cheese ($5.79).  All there burgers come with Baby lettuce, tomato, Red onion gastrique ( look it up) and Garlic aioli (aka garlic mayo) , all on a locally crafted and baked bun.

Lets break this down:

The bun is soft and rich with a beautiful shine only and egg-wash can achieve.

The lettuce is crisp, flavorful greens, completely unlike the white, flavorless, iceberg crap most burgers are topped with

Fresh tomato..nuff said.

The red onion gastrique had me worried, but i couldn't imagine the burger without it. Great acid to cut the rich meat, with an oniony sweetness i love.

The garlic aioli was just what i expected. Garlicky, but not overpoweringly so.

Put it all together, serve it on something that looks like a Plexiglas artist pallet, and serve with an order of there amazing fries and a cold beer. Now i can die happy.

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Eat well my friends,

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